Naturally Better Healing Centres


The main areas of operation are:

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Natural Healing Center – Offering residential 2, 4, 8 & 12-week (or a custom tailored protocol) of Natural Healing Rejuvenation Programs dependent upon the clients’ individual conditions and finances. These programs would involve each client having a consultation with a Naturally Better Naturopractor (trained by the college in the Naturally Better Healthy Lifestyle Protocol), and then specific detoxification, diets, treatments, counseling, remedies and exercise programs dependent upon the consultation and the client’s needs and ability.

1. Thalassotherapy – Offering seawater treatments and salt-water pool therapy to residential clients as well as day packages for local clientele. These sessions will be an integral part of any program with upgrade options. thalassotherapy is also particularly helpful for those clients who have been bed ridden or incapacitated at a physical movement level as skilled Naturopractors can work with them and their bodies in the warm, resonated sea water. This is an experience all should have!



2. Bio-Dentistry – Offering state of the art technology for tooth/organ health and safe amalgam (mercury) filling removal to clients and local community. An initial consultation would be included in all programs but specific treatment would be charged as required. This is absolutely critical to any long term healing expectation as the teeth and what modern dentistry has done to teeth is often at the core of most health deterioration.


3. Counseling – Many clients will have varying traumas and false belief systems that have fostered their health condition or is, indeed, the main cause. As well as individual sessions applying the most effective counseling knowledge available, based on ‘’you create what you think’’ and more powerfully, what you believe , we will also be using state of the art sound technology to help re-balance the brain both at the centre and available for at-home use. There will also be group sessions and ‘’de-programming from the matrix’’ lectures.


4. Conference Facilities – Offering quarterly or bi-annual conferences to bring the greatest of the ancient knowledge together with the greatest minds of Natural medicine, cutting edge science, the so-called New Biology and the amazing people that have the knowledge and ability to communicate the lies and deceptions that have made up the matrix. Naturally Better will also house general conference facilities for conscious corporate entities that may like to integrate a conference with the well-being and health education of their valued staff and/or are transitioning themselves and their projects into the 4d paradigms of how to work and serve humanity.


5. College – Offering a world-class, two-year (full time – 48 weeks/year) professional training course so as to become the next generation of Naturally Better Naturopractors. The students will be trained in the philosophies, sciences, arts and practices of Classical Osteopathy, Chiropractics and Naturopathy as well as an ever-evolving course based on the conference input. Naturally Better will embrace expansion of knowledge and technology, always, while keeping the curriculum firmly based in the Naturally Better Healing Philosophy. This will produce practitioners second to none and able to help almost any condition that man has suffered from. As well as the training, they shall experience a 12-week program at the retreat and gain clinical experience in the retreat’s clinic. In conjunction with the quarterly conferences the students will benefit from cutting edge research and exposure to the leading minds and knowledge of our era. Lifelong networks will be established and international exchanges and placements will be fostered and encouraged. All of this information and knowledge will be recorded and formatted into freely accessible information and learning resources from the website available for all to benefit, share and pay forward. Naturally Better is to be a truly open-source sharing of true medicine. This is because we believe anyone can become skilled in the healing arts based on the philosophy. This information must not and cannot be reserved to a few specialists.

6. Day Clinic – Offering appointment-only consultations and treatments for the local community as an outpatient-style program with additional treatments to suit the clients’ needs–including incorporating programs hosted at the retreat. The Clinic will also have Live Blood Analysis (Advanced Diagnostic and Progress Tracking Data in Real Time) as well as pioneering the integration of the Scalar Wave Accelerated Healing Technology (currently only available in the US) as a standard part of the diagnostic and healing protocol . With the paramount intent to redefine trauma protocols naturally. Naturally Better Healing Centres will include an emergency treatment & triage centre connected to the main facility to evolve the current global comprehension of trauma based injury. It is our understanding and belief that ancient knowledge and technology (especially in harmonics) exists to rapidly help heal all trauma. We intend to attract those that know and utilize this art and bring it to the world.


7. Natural Health EcoShop – Offering Naturally Better’s Own Exclusive Brand (where possible) Health & Eco products for clients with the addition of national and international shipping options for Internet sales, etc. Free shipping/delivery within the region where possible and a wide and fully trained staff available to both advise clients on product and use and invite clients into the clinic and/or programs as well. There will also be wholesale options for Naturally Better accredited Naturopractors and accredited affiliates who become part of the satellite clinics and shops of Naturally Better. It is critical that our growers and manufacturing partners comprehend and adhere to the philosophy of Naturally Better and are able to share this knowledge for others to replicate in their part of the world. It is crucial that all comprehend why Naturally Better Products ARE Naturally Better.


8. Naturally Betters’ HYDR8 Reverse Osmosis and Structured (resonated) Water – Produced in-house with commercial reverse osmosis water filters, resonated and structured under strict a protocol. The source water is supplied from rainwater collected from the roofs and tank-stored and the main water supply. Bottled in BPA free (or better) 5 gallon bottles, each with hand pump to all residential clients and supplied to domestic and corporate clientele, locally, regionally and growing forward, internationally. The delivery vehicle will be digitally signed and very visually appealing so as to be part of the local/regional marketing campaign. Home systems can and will be developed for a one-time fee to ensure the critical water of life is available to be used for drinking, cooking, pet use and bathing to as many people as possible. Extensive education about the current water used worldwide will be freely available. The critical comprehension of our need to change how we see, treat and use water–the very essence of our physical life–will be shared to all.


9. Restaurant, Catering & Entertainment – The restaurant facilities will offer a premium dining experience, in line with the Naturally Better Healthy Lifestyle™, by creating delicious, nutritionally complete, highly alkaline based, healing food menus, using local and seasonal, local organic ingredients (where possible), for the clients, staff and conference guests. International influences will be encouraged as 1000’s of years of cooking culture must not be lost but embraced. There is nothing more powerful than food to bring people together. We also understand the energy of that food, how it is prepared and handled is critical. Live music and entertainment will be provided each night to bring both a vibrant atmosphere and a spirit of integration.. This will be an opportunity for clients and staff to mingle and share–further bolstering a strong and loyal bond between clients and staff and the Naturally Better Healing Centre. In conjunction to this, outsourced catering services will be offered to serve a growing market of health-minded people and corporations who want delicious catering that is nutritionally complete & healthy. This serves to bring further exposure to the brand and Centre. It’s very simple really. If it tastes great your educational job is mostly done. People will eat it and want to eat it again. As most people have NEVER eaten real, vibrant, seasonal food they have no idea what they have missed. With that in mind permaculture, aquaponics and other practical methods of growing food at a home site or on a grand scale will be employed. Clear free education on these methods will be available with weekend courses and via extensive video and documented education on the website.


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